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Hot Off The Press

Section Meeting Registration Deadlines

Monday, February 23:

Preregistration deadline for the North-Central Section Meeting.

Tuesday, March 2:

Last day to register online for the South Central Section Meeting.

Tuesday, March 9:

Last day to register online for the Northeastern/Southeastern Joint Section Meeting.

Calling All Interdisciplinary Researchers

GeoMart -
Geoscience Directory

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Poll of the Month

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Final results reported in March.

To what degree do you think that geoscience curricula in the university environment should stress the practical uses of geology to society?

Results of January Poll

What is the deepest lake in the world?

GSA Connection respondents said:
Lake Tanganyika 7%
Caspian Sea 5%
Lake Baikal 87%
Lake Nyasa 0%

Read the facts
about these lakes

Foundation Leader Passes the Torch

Tom FouchThomas D. Fouch, president of the GSA Foundation, announced his retirement in January. Tom brought valuable expertise to the Board of Trustees during his two-year tenure, and he served with wisdom and generosity. Among other accomplishments, Tom initiated trustee sub-committees to work for each of GSA's areas of greatest need, served on the GSA Long Range Planning Committee, and developed personal relationships with many GSA donors. Tom and his wife Sally were co-chairs with George and Danielle Sharp for the Seattle Silent Auction, which raised over $12,000 in support of GSA programs. The search for a new Foundation president is currently underway.
[ view position announcement ]

The Magnificent Geology of Iceland

Fire and Ice,
Stone and Sea

[ read more ]

Iceland Volcanoes
& Volcanics

[ what the USGS says ]

GSA is offering TWO TRIPS
to Iceland this July!

Customized GeoVentures
are forming now for Students-Only
and for K-12 Teachers.

GSA GeoVentures
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Membership Matters

Remember to take care of your 2004 membership renewal so that you don't miss out on valuable GSA benefits.
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Fun with Geoscience Trivia

Test your knowledge ...
(check the answers at the bottom of the page.)

  1. What is the collective name given to all cave formations?
  2. What unit is used to describe permeability?
  3. What was the date and year of Krakatoa's major eruption?

Communicating the Value of Geoscience

Government Affairs

Public Policy Symposium at Rocky Mountain / Cordilleran Section Meeting
Hear from two experts, David Applegate, USGS, and Tammy Dickinson, NRC, in Symposium 4. They'll discuss how relevant geoscience knowledge fits into the decision-making process on a number of key resource issues in the West.
[ more details ]

GSA In The News

galaxyAn article by Nir Shaviv and Ján Veizer which appeared in the July 2003, issue of GSA Today ("Celestial driver of Phanerozoic climate?") has elicited a rebuttal published by AGU in a January 21, 2004 press release.
[ GSA TODAY article | TORONTO STAR article ]
[ AGU press release ]

Watch for GSA Today's March science article, also on climate change. The authors cite both the Shaviv / Veizer paper and the AGU response.

Discovery News, February 2, 2004, featured an article on the work of Dennis Harry on the Ouachita Mountains from the January issue of GSA Bulletin.
[ DISCOVERY NEWS article | BULLETIN abstract ]

Press Releases Issued by GSA

  • February Journal Highlights
    GEOLOGY (January 29)

Selected Press Releases Received by GSA

Calendar Close-Ups

Upcoming Meetings of GSA and its Associated and Allied Societies

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Seabed and Shallow Section Marine Geoscience: Shared Lessons and Technologies from Industry and Academia, London, UK, February 24-26, 2004
[ more info ]

Call for Papers: Prague Meeting on Russian Platform
An AAPG European Region Conference with GSA.
Conference theme: "Regional Geology and Hydrocarbon Systems of European & Russian Basins: Looking for Sweet Spots." Deadline: March 31, 2004
[ more info ]


Mantle PlumesMantle Plume Debate
 • Follow the discussion
 • Learn what skeptics are saying

Landscape Change Program

Perkins Museum of Geology, UVM

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Answers to Trivia Questions

3. 27 AUGUST 1883


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