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Hot Off the Press

GSA GeoVentures

Experience some of Earth's most spectacular scenery!

Rio Colorado -
Grand Canyon Raft Trip

April 22-29, 2004

Iceland - Students Only
July 11-25, 2004

Students, don't miss this affordable once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!


Are Students, Colleagues Nodding Off During Your Talks?

If you missed the
Making Effective Scientific Presentations

workshop at the 2003 Annual Meeting, the handout is available through January on the GSA Web site.
[ download a copy ]
(476KB PDF)

Stay Informed About GSA Programs

Lists for

GeoCorps America™, Education, GeoVentures, Grants, and more!

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Nonmembers are also eligible.

Poll of the Month

Results tallied instantly.
Final results reported in January
along with expert commentary!

How would you characterize the discovery of hominid footprints in volcanic deposits at Laetoli in East Africa?

• Good scientific investigation
• Solid science + dumb luck
• Good guess
• Dumb luck only

Results of November Poll

Were you able to see the full lunar eclipse on Saturday, November 8?

GSA Connection respondents said:
Yes, planned to see it. 53%
Yes, saw it by accident 12%
No, unable to see it or could not because of weather 33%
What eclipse? 2%

GSA wishes you and yours
a very happy holiday season.


Abstract Deadlines for 2004 Section Meetings are Coming Up Quickly!

Section Meeting Abstract Deadline Abstracts Form
March 15-16, College Station, Texas
Dec. 16 submit now
March 25-27, Tysons Corner, Virginia
Dec. 16 submit now
April 1-2, St. Louis, Missouri
Jan. 6 submit now
Rocky Mountain/Cordilleran
May 3-5, Boise, Idaho
Jan. 27 submit now
[ more section meeting info ]

Tell Us What You Think!

If you attended "Geoscience Horizons" in Seattle last month, we want to hear from you! All attendees received an e-mail message dated November 24 with a live link to the survey. If you haven't already done so, help GSA improve its annual meeting by completing this 10-minute questionnaire. The survey remains open through December 15. Your opinion counts!
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Geoscience in a Changing World

2004 Annual Meeting • Denver, CO, Nov. 7-10
Deadline for proposals: January 15, 2004.

Annual meeting technical programs continue to grow and diversify because you make it happen! Propose a Pardee Keynote Symposium or topical session in your discipline OR on an integrative science topic.
[ submit a proposal ]

Invite a colleague (from your discipline or an allied science) to submit a proposal. GSA makes it easy. Just download a draft e-mail message with live links, written for people unfamiliar with GSA and its annual meeting, and tailor it for your use.
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Communicating the Value of Geoscience

GSA In The News

Note: GSA Connection was unable to obtain free online access to news articles in the non-GSA publications noted below. Subscribers to those publications can view them online and others may want to check a library copy.

  • GSA's 2003 annual meeting was reported in the Economist science and technology section in an article on mass extinctions. Highlighted talks include those by Peter Ward and Lee Kump. (November 8)
    [ Ward abstract | Kump abstract ]
  • Research presented at the meeting by Avner Vengosh on desalination of groundwater in the Gaza Strip was covered by Nature. (November 13)
    [ Vengosh abstract ]
  • Bruce Railsback's geologic table of the elements (Geology, September 2003) was reported by Natural History magazine (November 2003) and was the Science News cover story on November 25.
    [ GEOLOGY abstract | purchase table ]
  • The work of Martin Williams, et al., on the history of the White Nile (Geology, November 2003) was reported in Nature "News and Views in Brief." (Nov. 13)
    [ GEOLOGY abstract ]
  • Perhaps the most unusual coverage noted this month involves the Shaviv and Veizer GSA Today science article on global warming (July 2003). A brief write-up appeared in the "earthnews" section of Baby News (December 2003). Go figure!
    [ GSA TODAY article ]

Press Releases Issued by GSA

Selected Press Releases Received by GSA

Calendar Close-Ups

Upcoming Meetings of GSA and its Associated and Allied Societies

view entire geoscience calendar

84th Annual Meeting, American Meteorological Society, Seattle, Washington. January 11-15. Cosponsored by GSA.
[ more info ]

GeoMart: Geoscience Directory

GeoMart GSA's print and online venue for bringing together buyers and sellers of geoscience-related products and services.
[ more details | view ads ]

Holiday Shopping at the GSA Bookstore

giftPuzzles, baseball caps, greeting cards, checkbook covers, etc., make great gifts.
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