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Were you able to see the full lunar eclipse on Saturday, November 8?

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Membership Matters

Reminder: Renew Membership Now for 2004

Renew your dues online! The discounted early-renewal rate expires on January 1. Take advantage now of easy online renewal to ensure uninterrupted member benefits in 2004.
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Annual Meeting

Seattle Meeting Was Huge Success

Registration figures have topped 6600, making this GSA's second largest annual meeting ever in terms of attendance, and the largest technical program in GSA history. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the rousing success of Geoscience Horizons.

A GSA First ...
GSA sponsored a free Public Forum presenting "Faults Beneath our Feet: Earthquake Hazards in the Seattle Area," with moderator Kathy Troost (University of Washington). USGS panelists Tom Brocher, Ralph Haugerud, Rick Blakely, and Brian Sherrod shared their expertise and took questions from the audience. Approximately 200 lay people turned out to learn more about the geology of their own backyard.
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Think Ahead
The technical program committee invites you to lead the way in designing the content of the 2004 Annual Meeting in Denver. Make sure that your area of interest and current excitement is represented next year by submitting your own topical session proposal. Deadline: January 15, 2004.
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Communicating the Value of Geoscience

Government Affairs

2002 National Medal of Science Winners Announced
NSF acknowledges these scientists and their outstanding achievments in the biological sciences, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, and the physical sciences.
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GSA In The News

These stories relate to science presented at the Annual Meeting in Seattle. Links in this section were active as of Nov. 13.

A newsbrief reported the work of Gregory Jones, et. al, on the effects of global warming on famous wine-growing regions over the past 50 years (November 6).
[ DISCOVERY article | abstract ]

Research by Peter Ward, theorizing that low oxygen levels on Earth favored the survival of dinosaurs over the ancestors of mammals was picked up by Reuters and received broad coverage, ranging from (November 3) to the Taipei Times (November 2).
[ CNN article | abstract ] recently covered the work of William Precht and Richard Aronson, showing that rising sea temperatures expand the range of Caribbean coral (November 4).
[ NATURE article | abstract ]

Bryan Brooks' new study adding evidence that drugs in the waste flowing from sewage-treatment plants is ending up in fish was featured on Yahoo News (October 23), and also on (November 5).
[ YAHOO article | NATURE article | abstract ]

Science Daily reported on several sessions from the GSA Annual Meeting, including an article on the work of Brian Atwater, presenting new evidence from a Japanese shipwreck of the Great Cascadia Earthquake in 1700 (October 31).
[ SCIENCE DAILY article | abstract ]

Press Releases Issued by GSA

Selected Press Releases Received by GSA

  • National Cave & Karst Research Institute (New Mexico Tech) Workshop Brings Diverse Cave Community Together on Future of National Institute (October 31)
    [ view release ]
  • Stepping Way Out: Scripps Scientists Watch Clam Feet Elongate Far from the Shell (November 6)
    [ view release ]

Calendar Close-Ups

Upcoming Meetings of GSA and its Associated and Allied Societies

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Shelf Margin Deltas and Linked Down Slope Petroleum Systems: Global Significance and Future Exploration Potential -- Gulf Coast Section of SEPM, Houston, Texas. December 7-10, 2003
[ more info ]

Federally Funded Research and Development: The Coming Train Wreck, Research Development & Design Conference, Washington, DC. November 18, 2003
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