• Hazards Caucus Alliance Presents "Lahars: Preparing for Volcanic Landslides"
    Join us for a 12 July congressional briefing, co-sponsored by GSA, that will highlight potential threats posed by lahars and ongoing research to better understand how and when the volcanic landslides occur.
  • Advances in Earth Science: Data as a National Asset for Decision-Making
    Join us for a 22 June congressional briefing, co-sponsored by GSA, that will highlight how earthquake, air quality, and water quality data can inform important policy decisions to effectively prepare for natural disasters and manage natural resources. A companion webinar will be held Monday, 25 July.
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  • Congress Punts FY 2017 Funding but Passes America COMPETES Successor
    Although the 114th Congress did not finalize spending bills for FY 2017, which began 1 October 2016, it did pass a successor bill to the America COMPETES Act in the waning days of the session. President Obama signed the bill into law on 6 January 2017. [more]
  • Updated Guidance for Federal Travel Issued
    Noting the important role conferences play for federal scientists "to deliver upon their missions and breakthrough advancements in medicine and science," the White House issued new guidance to ease some of the travel approval requirements that began in 2012. The updated memo aims to streamline processes, including a new mechanism to pre-approve attendance at known recurring conferences, such as GSA's Annual Meeting. [learn more]
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  • Support for FY17 Science Funding
    The Task Force on American Innovation – a coalition that includes GSA – sent a letter to congressional leaders that "strongly urges Congress to complete the FY17 appropriations process this year, and to ensure that key agencies supporting scientific research receive robust funding."
  • The USGS Coalition sent a letter warning that a year-long continuing resolution would "negatively impact the ability of the USGS to engage in long-term monitoring related to natural hazards, water, and environmental health." In addition, a coalition of geoscience organizations letter urged Members "to support strong investments in ... key Earth and space science agencies and avoid policy riders that deprioritize the geosciences."
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