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Recent-Past Meeting Info

2016 GSA Annual Meeting 25–26 September Denver, Colorado
Rocky Mountain Section 18–19 May Moscow, Idaho
North-Central Section 18–19 April Champaign, Illinois
Cordilleran Section 4–6 April Ontario, California
Southeastern Section 31 March–1 April Columbia, South Carolina
Northeastern Section 21–23 March Albany, New York
South-Central Section 21–22 March Baton Rouge, Louisiana
2015 Annual Meeting 1–4 November Baltimore, Maryland
Bridging Two Continents (GSA/GSC) 1-2 November Baltimore, Maryland
Rocky Mountain 21–23 May Casper, Wyoming
North-Central 19–20 May Madison, Wisconsin
Cordilleran 11–15 May Anchorage, Alaska
Northeastern 23–25 March Bretton Woods, New Hampshire
Southeastern 19–20 March Chattanooga, Tennessee
South-Central 19–20 March Stillwater, Oklahoma
2014 Annual Meeting 19–22 October Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Rocky Mountain / Cordilleran 19–21 May Bozeman, Montana
North-Central 24–25 April Lincoln, Nebraska
Southeastern 10–11 April Blacksburg, Virgina
Northeastern 23–25 March Lancaster, Pennsylvania
South-Central 17–18 March Fayetteville, Arkansas
125th Anniversary Annual Meeting 27-30 October Denver, Colorado
Cordilleran 20–22 May Fresno, California
Rocky Mountain 15-17 May Gunnison, Colorado
North-Central 2-3 May Kalamazoo, Michigan
South-Central 4-5 April Austin, Texas
Southeastern 20-21 March San Juan, Puerto Rico
Northeastern 18-20 March Bretton Woods, New Hampshire