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Print and Web Media – GSA Today

Includes: Positions Open, Opportunities for Students, Fellowship Opportunities, Scholarship Opportunities, and Situations Wanted.


  1. Print/Web.
    Line ads appear both in GSA Today (print) and on the website as the Geoscience Job Board (GJB). All print ads are posted to the GJB for month[s] of print issue at no additional charge. GSA Today is released during the first week of each month, except for a combined March/April issue which is released in March.
  2. Geoscience Job Board (GJB) / Web-only.
    Web ads run on the GJB for 30 days (longer if requested) from the post date.
  3. * Display.
    You may opt to place your recruitment ad as a display (boxed) ad. Display ads have a different deadline than line ads. See GSA Today Display Rates for scheduling information. The ad will appear in the Geoscience Jobs & Opportunities section of the GSA Today print issue. Text will be posted on the GJB for month[s] of print issue at no additional charge.

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Ann Crawford
GSA Advertising Manager
+1-800-472-1988, ext. 1053 (toll-free)


Print Ads
(includes free web posting for month of print issue)
Per line for 1st month Per Line for each addt'l month
(same ad)
Positions Open, Fellowship, and Scholarship Opportunities $9.25 $9.00
Opportunities for Students - first 25 lines FREE $5.00
Opportunities for Students - additional lines $5.00 $5.00
Situations Wanted $3.50 $3.50
Minimum charge is US$50. GSA will calculate cost of ad. To estimate, figure ~54 characters per line.
Print Ads: free web posting included for month(s) of print issue
Web Ads: Live hyperlinks (URL or e-mail): $25 per ad insertion for up to five (5) live links;
more than 5 will be assessed additional fee of $5/each.  Logo (jpg or gif): $50 one time fee


PRINT: 1st of the month, one month prior to the month of issue (also applies to cancellations) . Example: Ads for the June issue are due 1 May. Note: March/April combined issue, publishes in March.

WEB-ONLY: Submit anytime. Ads run for 30 days.

To Submit

  1. Send ad copy in body of email or as a Word attachment (no PDFs) to to Be sure to include a title/header for the posting.
  2. GSA will reply with the cost of the ad along with a remittance form
  3. Complete and return remittance form to GSA prior to scheduling.

Include complete address, phone number, and e-mail address with all correspondence.

All advertising must meet the Society's criteria for publication. GSA reserves the right to reject any advertising that does not meet these criteria.


Payment by credit card. US$ funds. Purchase Orders not accepted.
All line ad costs are net; no agency discounts on line ads print or web.

If client is purchasing only print release, GSA requests remittance prior to print, but can send invoice with release of issue upon request.
Print invoice terms: net 30 days.

GSA requires payment prior to upload/posting of ads to website. If client has purchased a combination of print with web posting client will be required to send prepayment remittance.
Web posting only invoice Terms: due upon receipt.