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Members of the media are invited to attend and cover science at each of GSA’s regional Section meetings, held in various locations around North America each year.

News Releases

  • Possible Origin of Saudi Arabia’s Ghawar Supergiant Oil Field
    December 2016 GSA Today science article
    Release no. 16-60, 29 Dec. 2016
  • Tough Microbe Settlers in the Concrete Jungle
    GSA 2016 Annual Meeting Science
    Release no. 16-59, 27 Sept. 2016
  • USGS Maps Groundwater Corrosivity across the U.S.
    GSA 2016 Annual Meeting Science
    Release no. 16-58, 27 Sept. 2016
  • California's Almond Boom has Ramped up Water Use, Consumed Wetlands & Stressed Pollinators
    GSA 2016 Annual Meeting Posters
    Release no. 16-57, 27 Sept. 2016

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