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The online-ahead-of-print GSA Today article, "Zealandia: Earth's Hidden Continent," by Nick Mortimer and colleagues, has been covered extensively, including articles in the Daily Mail (UK), Nature, the Huffington Post, Forbes, National Geographic, Time, CNN, USA Today, BBC News, and the Washington Post.

The Science Explorer 8 Nov., covered Geology science by Sami Nabhan and colleaguesBiogenic overgrowth on detrital pyrite in ca. 3.2 Ga Archean paleosols.

A 17 Nov. Eos article covers GSA Bulletin science, "Emergence and evolution of Santa Maria Island (Azores)—The conundrum of uplifted islands revisited," by R.S. Ramalho and colleagues.

Geosphere science by Scott P. Hippensteel, "Carbonate rocks and American Civil War infantry tactics," was covered by Discovery News.

Open-access Geology science by Thomas R. Knott and colleagues, "Mid-Miocene record of large-scale Snake River-type explosive volcanism and associated subsidence on the Yellowstone hotspot track: The Cassia Formation of Idaho, USA," published online ahead of print on 7 March 2016, was covered by Science News, the Statesman Journal, the Casper Star Tribune, the Elko Daily Free Press, The Christian Science Monitor, and Discovery News.

Open-access Geology science by Fukashi Maeno and colleagues, "Morphological evolution of a new volcanic islet sustained by compound lava flows," published online ahead of print on 24 Feb. 2016, was covered by the Daily Mail (UK).

The Geology article, "The oldest Pinus and its preservation by fire," by Howard J. Falcon-Land and colleagues, published online ahead of print on 7 Mar. 2016, was covered by Science, Discovery News, the Daily Mail (UK), and BBC News.

Geology science by S.E. Grasby and colleagues, "Early Triassic productivity crises delayed recovery from world's worst mass extinction," is covered by Science News.

Geology science from 2010 by Noah J. Finnegan and colleagues, "Coupling of rock uplift and river incision in the Namche Barwa–Gyala Peri massif, Tibet," has recently been covered by LiveScience and Yahoo! News.

Geology science by M. Barham and colleagues, "The answers are blowin' in the wind: Ultra-distal ashfall zircons, indicators of Cretaceous super-eruptions in eastern Gondwana," is covered in New Scientist.

Geology science by Nigel J.F. Blamey et al., "Paradigm shift in determining Neoproterozoic atmospheric oxygen," is covered in The Scotsman, the Washington Post, and the Daily Mail.

Geology science by Aaron J. Cavosie et al., "Transformations to granular zircon revealed: Twinning, reidite, and ZrO2 in shocked zircon from Meteor Crater (Arizona, USA)," is covered by Space Daily.

Geology science by Sharon A. Newman et al., "Insights into cyanobacterial fossilization in Ediacaran siliciclastic environments," is covered in Eos.


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