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Geological Society of America Issues New Position Statement: Removing Barriers to Career Progression for Women in the Geosciences
GSA News Release 18-21, 6/6/2018

Yellowstone Study Explores Park's Geothermal System
GSA News Release 18-20, 6/5/2018

Did extreme fluctuations in oxygen, not a gradual rise, spark the Cambrian explosion?
GSA News Release 18-19, 6/4/2018

Climate Change Impacts Fragile River Ecosystems
GSA News Release 18-18, 5/15/2018

Geoscientists to Meet in Flagstaff
GSA News Release 18-17, 5/8/2018

GSA in the News

Geosphere science by N. McMillan and colleagues, Direct measurement of advective heat flux from several Yellowstone hot springs, Wyoming, USA, was covered by Yahoo! News on 5 June.

Geology science by Morelia Urlaub and colleagues, Diatom ooze: Crucial for the generation of submarine mega-slides?, is covered by a 13 Feb. AGU Landslide Blog post and by LiveScience (14 Feb.).