Campus Representatives

Almost 600 GSA Campus Representatives around the world serve as a source of information about GSA membership, meetings, and student and professional opportunities to college and university students and faculty.

  • Want to know if your students or colleagues are members?
  • Are you a GSA Member or Fellow interested in becoming a Campus Rep?
  • Have questions, comments, or suggestions?

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We warmly thank all of our volunteer Reps for promoting GSA and its programs.

Campus Rep Toolbox

Please be generous when distributing GSA materials.

Although information on all GSA programs is available throughout our Web site, FREE print materials can be very useful. Each Rep will receive glossy posters in the mail, but there's so much more.

We are happy to supply FREE print materials for you to have on hand for distribution, and we encourage you to complete the online order form any time!

If you prefer, you can download and print many of these materials below.


GSA Programs & Opportunities Important Dates & Availability Download
Available formats:   HTML format = Web page;    PDF format = Print (PDF);    video = Video;    order for free = Order Free from GSA
GSA Opportunities – Important Dates Flyer Flyer (8½" × 11")   PDF format
GSA — A Great Place for Students Powerpoint Presentation (click on icon at right to download)   PPT format  
GSA Annual Report Booklet bell
About GSA, Careers in Geoscience Videos YouTube videos About GSA video   Geoscience Careers video
GSA Today Recent issues (limit 5) bell
Geology Last 2 issues (limit 1) bell
GSA Bulletin Last 2 issues (limit 1) bell
Student Poster (16" × 20") Order any number of glossy posters bell
Student - Free Online Journals Postcard Order any number of postcards bell
Student Application membership form   HTML format PDF format
Professional Application membership form   HTML format PDF format
GSA's Specialty Divisions   HTML format  
2019 Section Meetings March - May   HTML format  
2018 GSA Annual Meeting & Exposition 4-7 November, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA   HTML format  
Other Programs
Congressional Science Fellowship Annual work with Congress on Capitol Hill   HTML format  
GeoCareers 8½" × 11" color flyer   HTML format PDF format
GeoCorps™ America Summer and Winter Internships video HTML format PDF format
GeoCorps (continued) 11" × 17" glossy pre-printed posters   bell
GSA-ExxonMobil Bighorn Basin Field Award Field Seminar for students and faculty   HTML format  
Mentor Programs Lunchtime events at Section & Annual Meetings   HTML format  
Research Grants
Application period: Late November - 1 February video HTML format pdf
Travel Grants For Section and Annual meetings   HTML format