The Geological Society of America is dedicated to increasing the appreciation of Earth's history, processes, and resources through earth-science education. Recognizing that the future of geology rests in the hands of our nations' school teachers is the fundamental building block of the GeoTeachers program.

  • Field experiences in geologically dynamic locations for teachers only
  • Online Professional Development (Coming Soon!) 
  • Workshops supplying educators with activities and resources to use in the earth-science classroom

GeoTeachers at Garden of the Gods


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The impact thatthe GeoTeachers Program has is great. More than 360 teachers attended our workshops during the 2014-2015 school year who will then share what they have learned with over 1,700 teachers from around the country. 160,000 students will benefit from what teachers have learned from these presentations. This is an incredible number of teachers and students who we impact each year! We are successful because of the generous support of donors and sponsors.

​If you are considering supporting the GeoTeacher Program but would like more detailed information about our successes and goals, please download this file for additional information (pdf format). We thank you for your interest and support of this program.

To learn more about the GeoTeachers Field Camp Program, please download the 2013-2016 Field Camp Report.

If you are an individual who is interested in making a donation to the GSA Foundation for the GeoTeachers Program, please contact Bill Tortorici.

If you are a corporation and you are interested in a partnership, please contact Debbie Marcinkowski.