Mentor Programs

Annual Meeting Programs

Mentor Programs

  • GeoCareers Day Mentor Round-tables
    Mentors from a variety of sectors will answer your career questions at table stations.
  • Women in Geology Mentor Round-tables
    Female mentors from a variety of sectors will answer your career questions at table stations.
  • On To the Future Mentors
    The On To the Future (OTF) Program recruits professionals each summer to mentor a student who is attending their first Annual Meeting. Visit the OTF web page for more about this program.

Career Panels

  • Career Pathways Panel Luncheon
    Supported by corporate sponsors, representatives from government and industry sectors answer questions and offer advice in preparation for a career in these fields.
  • The Paleontological Society Mentors in Paleontology Careers Luncheon
    This event features a panel of mentors representing colleges, universities, museums, and government agencies. They offer advice about preparing for a career in paleontology and comment on the prospects for current and future job opportunities.
  • Hydrogeology Division Careers and Networking Events
    Participants will hear remarks from hydrogeologists in a variety of career fields, including government, industry, and academia. A round-table mentoring session follows, providing time for individuals to network, share ideas, and discuss careers.

Networking Events

  • Women in Geology Career Pathways Reception
    Corporate sponsors support this gathering featuring invited female geoscientists discussing their career trajectories and issues they have faced throughout their career. A Q&A session follows in which attendees are encouraged to network and share ideas.
  • Networking Reception
    This event provides students and early career scientists with an opportunity to network with more than 40 geoscience professionals. Mentors will answer questions, offer advice about career plans, and comment on job opportunities within their fields.
  • Early Career Professionals Coffee
    This event features representatives from non-profit organizations that have activities of interest to early career professionals. There is time for networking and sharing ideas on how these organizations can best serve needs of early career professionals.

Section Meeting Programs

Mentor Programs

  • John Mann Mentors in Applied Hydrogeology
    This event supported by the GSA Foundation through a gift from John Mann, features an informal, lunchtime gathering that brings students interested in applied hydrogeology as a career together with practicing hydrogeologists
  • Roy J. Shlemon Mentor Program in Applied Geoscience
    This event supported by the GSA Foundation through a gift from Roy J. Shlemon, is designed to acquaint undergraduate and graduate students with careers in applied geoscience. The mentor's goal is to provide real-world information and insight, based on his or her own career

Questions about these Annual and Section Programs?

Contact Jennifer Nocerino, GSA headquarters, +1-303-357-1036,

Learn More about Becoming a Mentor

GSA recruits mentors for Section Meetings and the Annual Meeting. Annual Meeting panel mentorships are by invitation only. Check the Annual Meeting website for descriptions and a link to sign-up.

Geology in Industry Career Pathways Luncheon

Women in Geology Career Pathways Reception

Geology in Government Career Pathways Luncheon

Roy J. Shlemon Mentor Program in Applied Geoscience

The students' questions were thought-provoking and they made me realize what a satisfying job I've got. I'd like to do this again!
The students were very enthusiastic. I had many stimulating discussions. There were good prospects for our intern positions.

~Past Shlemon Mentors