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GSA Section meetings are excellent venues for interdisciplinary science. They are an important hub for discussing and presenting current research and for networking with professionals and students. They provide an excellent opportunity for students to attend and participate in technical sessions, field trips, and short courses close to their schools.

The health of the Sections depends on many willing hands. GSA Headquarters now offers significant assistance with the logistical responsibilities for Section meetings, so chairs are able to spend more time developing the scientific program.

If you would like to bring a GSA Section meeting to your location, please refer to the chart below for current openings and take a moment to contact the appropriate Section Secretary to discuss what hosting a meeting entails.

Sect. 2018 2019 2020 2021
Cord Flagstaff, Arizona
Joint with Rocky Mountain Section
15–17 May
Contact: Paul Umhoefer
Portland, Oregon
15–17 May
Contact: Martin Streck
Northridge, California
Contact: Doug Yule

NC Ames, Iowa
16–17 April
Chair: William Simpkins
Manhattan, Kansas
Joint with South-Central & Rocky Mountain
25–27 March
Chair: Tina Niemi
Duluth, Minnesota
18–19 May
Chair: Amy Myrbo
Branson, Missouri
11–13 April
Joint with South-Central
Chair: Doug Gouzie
NE Burlington, Vermont
18–20 March
Co-Chairs: Charlotte Mehrtens,
Andrea Lini
Portland, Maine
17–19 March
Chair: Steve Pollock
Joint with Southeastern Section  
RM Flagstaff, Arizona
Joint with Cordilleran Section
15–17 May
Contact: Paul Umhoefer
Manhattan, Kansas
Joint with South-Central and North-Central Sections
25–27 March
Chair: Shari Kelley
SC Little Rock, Arkansas
12–13 March
Chair: Michael T. DeAngelis
Manhattan, Kansas
Joint with North-Central and Rocky Mountain Sections
25–27 March
Chair: Matthew Kirk
Branson, Missouri
11–13 April
Joint with North-Central
Chair: Mohamed Aly
SE Knoxville, Tennessee
12–13 April
Chair: Colin D. Sumrall
Charleston, South Carolina
28–29 March
Co-chairs: Scott Harris, Katie Luciano
Joint with Northeastern Section Auburn, Alabama
Chair: Willis Hames
(T) = Tentative