Give 125

Are you wondering what to give GSA on such a momentous birthday?

GSA and the GSA Foundation are asking members and friends to GIVE 125!

You can give what makes the most sense for you — dollars, time, possessions, or yourself. Our goal is for all GSA members to contribute in increments of 125 to show support for GSA during this anniversary year. Contributions can be made by individuals or groups to meet the 125 goal. For example, members could pool their talents and tackle a project to get it to the 125 level as a group.

OTFBy the way, helping with GSA's On To The Future (OTF) project , counts toward the 'GIVE 125' campaign. OTF is a grass roots initiative to provide partial-funding for 125 diverse students to attend their first GSA Annual Meeting this year in Denver, Colorado.  

At the 2013 GSA Annual Meeting & Exposition in Denver, all participants will be recognized with a special memento.

GSA’s birthday gifts so far …

Donate Time
Raise awareness of the geosciences by talking to K–12 students, social groups (e.g., Boy/Girl Scouts, Rotary clubs, etc.), legislators, congressional representatives, or members of the public, with the goal of connecting with 125 individuals.

  1. I will organize a badge workshop for Junior Girl Scouts in my local unit.
  2. I am working to bring the dispersed group of karst geoscientists together within GSA in a new Karst Geosciences Division so that we can better serve the unique and interdisciplinary nature of karst studies through outreach, activity and research coordination, student support, and education. To bring the GSA Karst Geosciences Division into being, I will have to connect with and create connections between more than 125 GSA members plus members of several GSA divisions and GSA administration and staff. By giving a unified voice to karst geoscientists within GSA, we will be able to inform the larger GSA community regarding the delicate and complex nature of karst. My goal is for the new division to have its first meeting at GSA 2013 in Denver.
  3. I'm a Geology major (senior undergraduate) at University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and I was given the amazing opportunity to present to a teens and tweens group (ages 10-12) about geosciences at Adolphine Fletcher Terry Library in Little Rock, Arkansas. They have a summer reading program and are learning about "things that dig in the earth" why not bring in an aspiring geologist? Haha. On July 11, 2013, I brought in mineral kits, and tons of minerals for them to learn about! They loved it! On June 18, 2013, I brought in fossils and showed them some educational videos on how fossils are formed! We even made our own fossils with play-dough, plastic dinosaurs, and glitter glue! This was their favorite! Total time I spent presenting with the kids about geosciences was a little over two hours (~125 mins)! Happy birthday GSA!!
  4. Am serving on the Joint Technical Program Committee for the annual meeting, have written a field trip guide that specifically references pivotal early papers in GSAB and presents news of contemporary progress, am working to engage EarthScope investigators who customarily focus mainly on AGU and to enhance geology-geophysics integration via GSA Pardee session and associated workshop