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NEW! Listen to Formations — ‘Rock Music’ of a Different Kind. Performed by the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra and sponsored by ExxonMobil Corp.

GIVE 125 Campaign - Give 125 "Somethings" — whatever makes the most sense for you — dollars, time, possessions, or yourself. Our goal is for all GSA members to contribute in increments of 125 to show support for GSA during this anniversary year.

Gala Goers
Group of scientists who attended the anniversary gala at the 2013 GSA Annual Meeting in Denver (29 Oct.).

Top row: Jon Price, Brian Skinner, George Davis, John Geissman, Gary Ernst. Front row: Judy Totman Parrish, Sharon Mosher, Jean Bahr, Hap McSween, Suzanne Mahlburg Kay, Eldridge Moores. Click on image to enlarge.


27 December:

The Geological Society of America TURNS 125 !


Past Events

penguinsDECEMBER 2012

125th Anniversary Excursion
Travels in Geology—Antarctica and the Scotia Arc: Tectonics, Climate and Life
22-day Antarctic Voyage aboard the 117-meter ice ship Akademik Ioffe
28 December: Cruise departed Santiago, Chile

GSA kicked off its 125th Anniversary celebration with this extraordinary 22-day adventure to one of Earth's most dynamic ecosystems. Field and lecture programs were designed for both the professional scientist and anyone with an interest in the planet, its life and future. Read the blog and learn more about the journey.


19 January: Antarctic Voyage disembarks at Ushuaia, Argentina

MARCH 2013

18–20 March:  Northeastern Section Meeting
Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, USA

20–21 March:  Southeastern Section Meeting
San Juan, Puerto Rico

APRIL 2013

4–5 April:  South-Central Section Meeting
Austin, Texas, USA

14–19 April:  Coastal Processes and Environments Under Sea-Level Rise and Changing Climate: Science to Inform Management
Galveston, Texas, USA

GSA held an community open house at its headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. GSA president, George Davis introduced distinguished Colorado speakers Brad Udall (Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment); Brandon Rattiner (from Sen. Mark Udall's office); and Andy Schultheiss (from Rep. Jared Polis' office). Watch Video at top of page or on YouTube.

26 April: GSA held an community open house at its headquarters in Boulder. GSA president, George Davis introduced distinguished Colorado speakers Brad Udall (Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment); Brandon Rattiner (from Sen. Mark Udall's office); and Andy Schultheiss (from Rep. Jared Polis' office). More than 200 guests enjoyed tours of the building includint GSA's wonderful specimen collection as well as information on GSA's many partners in the community. Watch video at right or on YouTube.

MAY 2013

2–3 May:  North-Central Section Meeting
Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

15–17 May:  Rocky Mountain Section Meeting
Gunnison, Colorado, USA

20–22 May:  Cordilleran Section Meeting
Fresno, California, USA

Black Cuillin. Sgurr na Stri and Blaven from the summit of Sgurr Dubh Mor with Strathaird and Sleat in the distance. G.S Johnstone, supplied by NERC
27 May–1 June:
The Great British Tertiary Volcanoes: Exploring the Palaeogene centres of Skye and Rum;
Geological Society of London field trip: Isle of Skye and Isle of Rum, Scotland.
The igneous centres of the NW Highland and Islands of Scotland, have provided the starting point for much of our understanding of petrology. Classic studies like that of Harker (Skye) and Emeleus (Rum), have unravelled the inner workings of volcanic plumbing systems and their products. This trip, based on the Isle of Skye, explores two of these great igneous centres, by foot and boat and will look at layered igneous rocks, sills/dykes, lava flows and explosive volcanism, amongst the backdrop and beauty of the inner Isles of Skye and Rum. Everything from textures to the wide expanse of flood basalts and beyond will be covered, with something for everyone’s volcanic tastes.
JUNE 2013
Roof of the World17–19 June: Roof of the World
Geological Society of China & Geological Society of America Joint Meeting

A. Chengdu, Sichuan, China
B. Evolution of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
C. Intra-continental deformation, mineral resources and geologic hazards
Environmental changes, biologic evolution, geochemistry and carbon sequestration

[ read blog post about conference ]
The classic view onto the Glencoul Thrust, first described by Charles Callaway in 1883, one of the major structures of the Moine Thrust Belt.
2–7 June: Structure and tectonics of the NW Highlands of Scotland: from deep crust to hydrocarbon reservoirs
Geological Society of London field trip: NW Highlands, Scotland
The NW Highlands of Scotland is classic ground for structural geology. It was here that many of the key concepts were developed, from the recognition and analysis of thrust systems to the discovery of mylonites. The region remains an important test-bed for modern ideas in structure and tectonics, a training ground for the next generation of earth scientists and a home to analogues for faults in offshore oilfields. This five day field excursion aims to provide an overview not only of the geology and tectonics of NW Scotland but also a broad range of faults and shear zones. These chart deformation styles in the deep crust through various forms of mylonites and cataclasites right up to faulting and damage in analogue hydrocarbon reservoirs.

MedGeo25–29 August: MEDGEO 2013
The Natural Environment & Health; Hidden Dangers, Unlimited Opportunities
IMGA 5th International Conference on Medical Geology
Arlington, Virginia, USA

Hosted by GSA's Geology & Health Division


Formations - Inspired by Colorado's geology, composer Jeffrey Nytch has created a 4-movement symphony performed by the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra on opening (8 Sept.) night of their 2013-2014 season at CU's Macky Auditorium in Boulder. The Phil will do a special performance of Formations at the 125th Anniversary Gala event at the 2013 GSA Annual Meeting in Denver.
more about the symphony ]


GSA 125th Anniversary

27–30 October: GSA Annual Meeting & Exposition
Denver, Colorado, USA

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