GSA's 125th Anniversary

Travels in Geology —
Antarctica and the Scotia Arc: Tectonics, Climate and Life

Trip Participants:
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GSA's 125th Anniversary Expedition participants embarked 28 December aboard the Akademik Ioffe.
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Excursion Route
The Akademik Ioffe
Trip Itinerary
  • Falkland (Malvinas) Islands, with the classic sedimentary cover of the Gondwana supercontinent and a huge diversity of species
  • South Georgia, an incredibly rugged island microcontinent comprising a marginal basin turbidite infill displaced eastward from the southernmost Andean Cordillera, with thriving colonies of penguins, seals, and albatross
  • South Orkneys with uplifted Gondwanide margin fore-arc rocks and nesting Snow Petrels
  • Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands, the "Antarctandes," including the active Deception Island volcano in the Bransfield back-arc rift and uplifted subduction complexes
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Participant Welcome Letter from GSA President George Davis

AAPG Explorer Article

Scotia Arc
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