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Science articles: Six print pages MAX: This includes author affiliations, abstract, text, figures, tables, references, and figure captions.
For text, ~6,500 characters (letters and spaces between words) = approximately one printed (published) page.
Another way to look at it: 6,500 characters & spaces = about three double-spaced pages of text in a Word document, or about 800 words.
Acknowledgments, references cited, and figure captions are set in smaller type, so for these, ~12,000 characters = approximately one printed (published) page.
The use of figures is encouraged; however, each figure must be calculated into the size of the manuscript (e.g., a figure that takes up about 25% of a page = ~1,625 characters & spaces that will need to be removed from the text).
There is no charge for color figures, but figures must fit within the first five print pages of the article, so you may want to limit the number of figures or ensure that the last one or two are grayscale.

Manuscripts that are too long will be returned for shortening before they go through the review process. Supplemental data* may be included in GSA's online repository; however, this repository is not to be used as additional space to convey the message of the article. If you have questions or concerns about this issue, please contact the managing editor.

Groundwork articles: Two print pages MAX: This is about 1700 words (including title, author names and affiliations, references, figure captions, etc.) with no figures or ~1,500 words with a 1/5-page figure, etc..
The philosophy behind this short format is twofold: (1) keeping an article short can increase the clarity and quality of the writing; and (2) a short article encourages readers to engage and seek more information.
If you have questions, please contact the managing editor.

Comment and Reply articles: 900 words MAX: This limit includes author names, affiliations, and references. If you would like to use a figure into your comment or reply, please reduce the text in proportion to the size of your figure (a 1/4-page figure = minus 25% of your text). Comments and Replies are no longer printed in GSA Today, but will be posted online.

*Supplemental data: Authors can submit information that supplements and expands on their published article as supplemental data. Newly acquired data presented only in graphs in the manuscript must be placed here. This supplemental information should support the main scientific conclusions of the paper; however, it should not be a necessary to the understanding of the ideas and conclusions of the published paper. It is generally restricted to data tables and related graphs or figures, and/or explanations of methods (where this is not central to the paper). Supplemental information is not to be used to provide additional space (for text or figures) to convey the message of the article.

Contact the Managing Editor:
Kristen (Kea) Giles M.A.
Tel: +1-303-357-1057
fax: +1-303-357-1070
The Geological Society of America
P.O. Box 9140
Boulder, CO 80301-9140, USA