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Submission, Review, and Acceptance

Organizers (conveners of GSA symposia or other meetings, as well as independent project editors) of volumes are encouraged to write early in their planning to Jon Raessler at GSA Books with a one-page proposal. It should include a preliminary table of contents (on second page if necessary) with possible authors for each chapter. It should include a statement as to why GSA should publish the book and the audience for whom it is intended. Please note if the book is intended for specialists or if it will appeal to a more general earth sciences audience.

In addition, it is helpful to include some information on the background and significance of the proposed volume. After giving provisional approval to a project, the GSA Books Science Editor appoints the volume editor(s) for the proposed Special Paper or Memoir. Normally, the organizers of the volume will become the editors of the proposed volume. The steps in this process follow.