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News Release April 19, 2001
GSA Release No. 01-11
Contact: Christa Stratton

Geologists Focus on Local Contamination, Environment, and Energy Issues

I. Introduction
II. Presentation Highlights
III. Complimentary Media Registration and Other Information

(I) Introduction

The future of our society and environment hinges in part on the availability of adequate water and energy resources. At the 35th Annual Meeting of the North-Central Section of the Geological Society of America next week, geoscientists will explore issues related to the Great Lakes, groundwater supply and contamination, and the potential for new energy resources in the area.

Attendees will answer the following pertinent questions: Are we losing the Great Lakes' sand dunes? Will there be enough water for Chicago's growing population? Are the two closed-down Nike missile base sites along Lake Shore Drive threatening our health? Is there a new source of gas and oil hidden in the Illinois Basin? And what are the dangers of those newly discovered contaminated areas along the O'Hare corridor?

The meeting takes place April 23-24, 2001, at the Bone Student Center (BSC), Illinois State University, Normal, IL. Geologists from Illinois State University and the Illinois Geological Survey will host the meeting.

Registration is complimentary for media representatives who wish to attend these or other sessions. If you are interested but unable to attend, we encourage you to conduct advance interviews with scientists on an embargoed basis, with release dates coinciding with their presentation dates.

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