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Mentor Programs

John Mann Mentors in Applied Hydrogeology

Mann Mentors

The John Mann Mentors in Applied Hydrogeology Programs are designed to acquaint undergraduate, graduate, and recent graduate students with careers in applied hydrogeology through mentoring opportunities with practicing professionals. The program goal is to bring together these students with professionals from:


This program is presented in two separate and distinct venues.

GSA'S SECTION MEETINGS (up to 6 Section meetings per year)

The goal is to stage one event per Section Meeting each spring (subject to approval by each Section's Local Chair). These events are informal, lunchtime meetings that bring students interested in applied hydrogeology as a career together with practicing hydrogeologists. The Mann Program maintains a high ratio of Mentors to students to encourage meaningful discussions and follow-on communications between the students and professionals. These meetings are free to all participants.

Mann Mentors at Annual Meeting
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Funds from the Mann Program will be expended to purchase luncheon tickets for a finite number of students who have declared interest in hydrogeology/hydrology as a career choice to attend the Hydrogeology Division's annual combined Business Meeting, Awards Presentation, and Luncheon meeting. By attending this already established event, these students will be engaged in:

This subsidized student opportunity will provide a meaningful educational and professional encounter seldom achievable by students due to their lack of financial resources.

Eligible students are those who have ticked the box on their membership application that indicates their professional interest in hydrology/hydrogeology, and have registered for the Annual Meeting by the pre-registration deadline. FREE tickets will be awarded to the first 25 students who respond to an e-mail invitation, based on the eligibility criteria above.

Funds from the Mann Program will also be used to purchase 100 GSA student memberships (along with membership to the Hydrogeology Division). These will be awarded to students at the Hydrogeology Division Student Reception at the Annual Meeting.

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