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Title Reference Date Abstract
Critical Transitions in Earth History
Chaos clues to dino demise BBC 6/27/01 8024
Did a planetary wobble kill the dinosaurs? New Scientist 6/28/01 8024
Mercury Accused of Dislodging Asteroid that Doomed Dinosaurs 6/29/01 8024
Chaos killed the dinosaurs Nature 6/28/01 8024
Dinosaurs' Cosmic Calamity The Scotsman 6/28/01 8024
Venus Holds Picture of Baby Earth 7/2/01 7777
Earth still a big baby The Scotsman 6/28/01 7981
Blasts from the Past New Scientist 7/7/01 5180
Could a Seismic Fault Account for Loch Ness's Mysterious Monster? Scientific American 6/27/01 7279
True nature of Nessie revealed New Scientist 6/27/01 7279
Quakes stir 'Nessie' images The Denver Post 6/27/01 7279
The Monster quake Daily Mail 6/27/01 7279
Nessie sightings could be quakes The Scottish Metro 6/27/01 7279
Earth moves for the Loch Ness monster The Times 6/27/01 7279
Science finds fault in myth of Loch Ness monster The Guardian 6/27/01 7279
Is the real Nessie just a case of the shakes? The Daily Telegraph 6/27/01 7279
Loch Ness Monster Mystery Solved? 6/27/01 7279
Loch Ness Earthquake Theory Dismissed 7/2/01 7279
Why Scientists Are No Fun Time 7/9/01 7279
Is Nessie merely a bad case of the shakes? Science News 7/7/01 7279
All Shook Up New Scientist 7/7/01 8051
Atmospheric Science
Methane, CO2 Earth's Greenhouse Gases In The Archean 6/27/01 7607
Evolution of Life on Early Earth
Primordial Soup of Life 6/28/01 8352
Extremophile genomes yielding clues to earliest life BioMedNet 6/28/01 8352
Planetary Science
Sub-glacial Volcanoes (and life?) on Mars 6/28/01 7445
Relentlessly Pursuing The Search For Water On Mars 6/28/01 7445
Subglacial Volcanoes On Mars Space Daily 6/27/01 7445
Trees and Rainforests
Amazon Rain Forest May Reach Point of No Return Within 10 Years Scientific American 6/26/01 6535
Amazon forest 'could vanish fast' BBC 6/27/01 6535
Amazon rainforest approaching the point of no return The Scotsman 6/27/01 6535
Amazon Rainforest Could Be Unsustainable Within A Decade 6/27/01 6535
How Trees Changed the World 6/27/01 5801
Reinventing the Table New Scientist 7/7/01 7435

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