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Important Dates
20 April 2013:
Deadline for abstract submission

1 May 2013:
Release of Fourth Circular (Technical Program for meeting)

30 April 2013:
Deadline for field-trip sign-ups and discount registration fee

Roof of the World

Joint meeting of GSC and GSA

17–19 June 2013  •  Chengdu, China  •  Jinjiang Hotel, Chengdu, Sichuan Province

Special Sessions

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Topic C: Environmental changes, biologic evolution, geochemistry and carbon sequestration
C-1: Critical transitions in the history of life and Earth
Conveners: XIAO Shuhai, ZHOU Zhonghe (CAS), JI Qiang (CAGS), CHEN Junyuan (CAS)
Invited Speakers: ERWIN Doug, LUO Zhe-xi (Chicago); SHU Degan (UNW), XU Xing (CAS), JI Shuan (CAGS), CHEN Xu (Nanjing), RONG, Jiayu (Nanjing)
The history of life and Earth is defined by a number of critical transitions that had transformative impact on the evolutionary trajectory of our planet and its environment. This session invites presentations that focus on such critical transitions, particularly geobiological events that had a global impact on the climate, ocean, and atmospheric systems. Topics include, but are not limited to, the radiation of photosynthetic organisms, eukaryotes, biomineralizing organisms, animals, animal bioturbation, terrestrial animals and plants, mammals, flowering plants, as well as the assembly and collapse of ecosystems.
C-2: Mass extinction at the Permo-Triassic boundary and subsequent recovery dynamics
Conveners: YIN Hongfu (UGS-Wuhan), PAYNE Jonathan (Stanford), SHEN Shuzhong (Nanjing Institute)
Invited Speakers: XIE Shucheng (CUGS-Wuhan), SHEN Shuzhong (NJ-CAS), TONG Jinnan (Wuhan), WANG Xueqiu (CAGS), CLAPHAM Matthew (UC Santa Cruz), MEYER Katja (Stanford), BOWRING Sam (MIT), ELKINS-TANTON Lindy (Carnegie), ALGEO Tom (U. of Cincinnati), CHEN Zhong-Qiang (Wuhan), TONG Jinnan (Wuhan), LEHRMANN Daniel (Trinity University), LOOY Cindy (U.C. Berkeley), ALTINER Demir (Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey), BASU A. R. (Rochester)
The mass extinction event at the end of the Permian Period eliminated a greater fraction of animal diversity than any event in the past 500 million years. The extinction and subsequent recovery dynamics also permanently altered the taxonomic composition and ecological structure of the biosphere. Many of the best paleontological records of extinction and recovery derive from stratigraphic sections in China and these have increasingly been coupled with high resolution studies of geochemical proxies that help to place biotic events within their local and global environmental contexts. This session will address patterns and processes of extinction and recovery from paleontological, sedimentary, geochemical, and geochronological perspectives. Particularly encouraged are contributions that seek an integrated biological and environmental understanding of extinction and recovery dynamics, and that highlight the ways in which this past catastrophe may help to inform our understanding of 21st century global change.
C-4: Carbon Cycle and CO2 sequestration
Conveners: BURRUSS Robert C. (USGS), YUAN Daoxian
Invited speakers: ZHU Chen (Indiana), WARWICK Peter D. (USGS,), DING Zhongli, ZHANG Cheng (CAGS)
China and major industrialized nations worldwide are investigating options for reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by CO2 sequestration. This session will cover a wide range of sequestration topics including estimation of sequestration capacities, hydrogeochemistry and geomechanics of CO2 injection, mineral sequestration in basalts and ultramafic rocks, sequestration and enhanced oil recovery, and carbon storage in ecosystems.
C-5: Gas hydrates
Conveners: CHOU I-Ming, ZHANG Haiqi (CGS)
Invited Speakers: COLLETT Timothy (USGS), MORIDIS George (LBL)ZHU Youhai (CAGS)
Gas hydrates are potential energy sources for the future. The session will feature presentations on field, laboratory, and numerical modeling studies that enhance understanding of the interaction among sediment, hydrate, gas, pore fluids, and microbes for both marine and permafrost gas hydrate systems, especially those in US and China.