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Short Course Proposal Budget Form
(Excel format)
General Information and Guidelines
(PDF format)
5 p.m. (MST), 1  February 2012
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Short Courses

Call for GSA Short Course Proposals

Got something that your peers, students, or earth science teachers need to know?

Run a GSA Short Course at the Annual Meeting.

If you are interested in running a Short/Professional Course at the GSA Annual Meeting, please submit the following items to Jennifer Nocerino, , no later than 5 p.m. on 1 February:

  1. A proposal in electronic format that is no longer than 2 pages in length.
    The GSA Committee on Professional Development will evaluate your proposal for scientific/technical content. Please be descriptive with regard to the scientific level of the audience and what they will learn. If your course content is based on a proprietary or specialized product, please indicate what it is and the cost.
  2. The online Short Course Proposal Budget Form (Excel format).
    NOTE: Save this form to your hard drive in order to fill it out.
  3. A résumé for each of the faculty/professionals who will be leading this course that are each no longer than 2 pages in length.
What are Short Courses?

Short Courses cover any topic falling under the broad umbrella of geology and its allied disciplines. The aim of the program is to help develop professional, teaching, or research skills at all levels. The courses are taught by established professionals who provide the benefit of their experience to course participants.

Courses geared toward K-12 teachers supply educators with activities and resources to use in their earth science classrooms.

Short Courses are held immediately before or after the GSA Annual Meeting and are open to either members or non-members.

What audiences do the Short Courses address?

Short Courses provide a mechanism for showcasing new technology or science and can be addressed to multiple audiences. A three-tier course registration fee exists which includes: professionals, faculty, and/or K-12 teachers. When a course is geared toward multiple audiences, the highest level group addressed will determine the administrative cost of the Short Course.

How is this system different than in previous years?

This program has matured based on comments from course lecturers and previous participants.

With this three-tier system, it will be clear who the target audience for the course will be and where the course should be advertised. It will also allow greater flexibility for the course leaders to potentially reduce costs for themselves and for participants and to add an honorarium, if needed.

Short Courses will not need to be sponsored by a GSA Division, and any profit from them will be available to the Committee on Professional Development to lower the costs of Short Courses for the next year.