About the GSA Annual Meeting

John Diemer
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from John Diemer, General Chair

Every year some 6,000 people — from every geoscience discipline and every stage of career development — make the decision to submit an abstract, take a few days off, spend some money, and attend the GSA Annual Meeting.

Why do they do it?

More importantly: Why should you?

GSA Meetings Aren’t the Biggest  — And That’s a GOOD Thing!

They’re big enough that key people attend and small enough that you might actually run into them.

GSA is a Broad & Unifying Scientific Society

Your colleagues from all over the world and from 61 Associated Societies come to GSA meetings each year for myriad reasons.

Poster Sessions

Expand Your Vision and Understanding and Get a Comprehensive View of Your Field

  • Find others who are doing research similar to your own.
  • Then attend a session on a completely different topic — something you’d like to know more about.
  • Participate in stirring debates on central topics of the day.

Value Diversity

Every year, there are sessions and events that explicitly or implicitly underscore opportunity, diversity, and civil rights. In June 2010, GSA adopted our Diversity in the Geosciences Position Statement. Read President John Geissman’s letter to the Charlotte Convention and Visitors Bureau regarding the recent same-sex marriage ban by the North Carolina State Legislature.

Geoscience Rock Stars

Rub Shoulders with Geoscience Rock Stars

Attend the Presidential Address & Awards Ceremony and talk to GSA officers and honorees in person.

Tap experts through the Mentoring Programs; you might come away with a new sense of direction in your professional life.

Choose from Hundreds of Sessions as Scholars and Industry Leaders Share Their Research

Learn what geoscientists outside of your daily niche are thinking and doing.

Hear first-hand what news, data, speculations, and ideas are being presented.

Three men

Reenergize & Refresh

The best exchanges don’t necessarily occur during formal sessions; they may come from casual contacts in informal settings. Many a creative idea has been born in restaurants, hallways, or hotel lobbies at GSA meetings.

Make & receive introductions — Network and make friends at the same time.

Advance Your Career

Students: Lots of options for financial assistance are available to you so that you can get the most out of the meeting.

GSA Short Courses offer “hands-on” training that you can put to use right away.

Hone your presentation skills and gather peer input that will make your work better.

Recruiters come to GSA to find the best and the brightest — Post your résumé & make that important connection at the Employment Service Center.

If you’re thinking of heading back to school, check out more than sixty grad school programs in the Graduate School Information Forum.

Get to know NSF Program Officers and build the foundation for funding your research.

Have Fun!

Have Fun!

Field trips are a unique feature of GSA meetings — Charlotte & the beautiful surrounding areas offer rich new geology to explore.

The Exhibit Hall features the newest books, the latest hardware & software, and new technologies in your field. Get some great swag and shop the gem & mineral booths.

Have a beer in the Poster Hall before heading to your alumni reception, evening lecture, or dinner with friends.

Join Us!

If YOU are not already planning to attend this year, think again! Consider the intellectual and personal riches you’ll gain — a return on investment that will compound and pay professional dividends for years to come.