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Hotel / Hostel Information

We have selected a number of hotels and hostels from the vast number available in Munich to help you get started with your search for accommodation. You may download the list as a PDF. Other sources would be or booking engines (Expedia,, TravelAdvisor, etc.).

Please pay special attention to hotels 1-7 (and marked "CONTINGENT") on the list. These hotels have offered our meeting special rates on a contingent of rooms and you should use the reservation code "GeoMunich2011" by June 15 when making your reservation with these hotels. After this date the rooms will revert to standard rates and conditions (see the hotel websites for standard rates).

Anyone interested in GeoCouch-Surfing (staying overnight with our students) may visit the forum.

The maps (see download) show the location of the hotels listed and of the conference venue. Thanks to excellent public transport options in Munich it is possible to select hotels not in the immediate vicinity of the conference location and still be able to reach the venue in 20 minutes or less.