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Harvey Thorleifson
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Annual Meeting Poster
GSA 2011 Annual Meeting Poster

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Poster design:
Paul Morin and Chuck Carter, University of Minnesota
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Dear GSA and Associated Society members, students, and educators,

I invite you to Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, to attend the 2011 GSA Annual Meeting & Exposition on 9–12 October. The geoscience community across the upper Midwest has worked hard to make this meeting the best it can be in relation to your interests and needs.

There are lots of reasons for you to attend, starting with a remarkable array of interesting, exciting, enjoyable, and carefully planned field trips, all at the peak of fall colors thanks to our mild early October weather. As you visit, you will be reminded that our geology is diverse. Minnesota and our neighboring states and provinces range from Phanerozoic cover to Archean shield and from the Mississippi drainage to the Hudson Bay watershed, all within the limit of continental glaciation.

Our theme captures this diversity—Archean to Anthropocene; the past is the key to the future—stressing the broad research and education agenda of the GSA community as a whole, as well as the application of our work to society.

And, of course, we will have a superb array of sessions, short courses, workshops, and events so that you will have something of great interest to do throughout your stay. Remember: You haven't been here in a long time! (GSA was last in Minneapolis in 1972—so you need to come!)

Air connections to the middle of the continent are excellent, and the taxi or light-rail ride from the airport is short. You will see that the Twin Cities are a pleasant, safe, and well-equipped community, with diverse running trails, cycling paths, arts, sports, and restaurants.

I hope that you have enjoyed our poster (at right) that accompanied the December 2010 issue of GSA Today! This was another in a series of posters that goes back to the 2005 North-Central Section Meeting in Minneapolis. How many seconds did it take before you saw something in that poster that you have never noticed before?

Brace yourselves—The Minneapolis meeting is going to be great!

Harvey Thorleifson
Minnesota State Geologist