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Participating this year …
Carving the Grand Canyon Wayne Ranney
Earthquakes in Human History: The Far Reaching Effects Jelle Zeilinga de Boer
Earthscapes Jerry Wermund
Exploring the Geology of the Carolinas: A Field Guide to Kevin Stewart
Focus on Minerals Jerry Wermund
Gem Greed John Gartner
Geologic Maps: A Practical Guide to the Preparation Edgar Spencer
Geomorphology: A Systematic Analysis of Late Cenozoic Arthur Bloom
How to Read a North Carolina Beach Orrin Pilkey, Tracy M Rice, W.J. Neal
Out of Thin Air Peter Ward
Petrography of Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks Anthony Philpotts
Petrology: The Study of Igneous Loren Raymond
Process Geomorphology, 4/e Dale Ritter
Remote Sensing: Principles and Applications, 3/e Floyd Sabins
The Evolution of Clastic Sedimentology Kakuyu Okada with A J. Kenyon-Smith
The Geology of Ore Deposits John Guilbert
The World According to Rock Jerry Wermund
Under Michigan: The Story of Michigan's Rocks Charles Ferguson Barker
Under Ohio: The Story of Ohio's Rocks Charles Ferguson Barker
Useless Arithmetic Orrin Pilkey
Water Resources of the Middle Rio Grande L.G. Price, P.S. Johnson, D. Bland
World's Oldest Fossils Bruce L. Stinchcomb


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