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staffer’s-eye view of a briefing on carbon capture and sequestration
A staffer’s-eye view of a briefing on carbon capture and sequestration in the House Natural Resources Committee room.

communications workshop - Tools for Scientists: Substance and Style for Better Science Communications
Assisting GSA Annual Meeting attendees develop engaging messages about their science at the communications workshop - Tools for Scientists:  Substance and Style for Better Science Communications.

GSA Science Policy Fellowship

GSA has provided a recent geoscience M.S. or Ph.D. graduate with an interest in public policy, science communication, and outreach, the opportunity to spend a year in DC as the GSA Science Policy Fellow. The “in-house” fellow works with GSA’s Director for Geoscience Policy to bring science and scientists into the policy process. The fellow acts as a science policy liaison, keeping GSA members informed, involved, and represented in national policy, including research funding, energy and natural resource assessments, climate change policy, and natural hazard mitigation and response. The fellow also works closely with GSA’s Geology and Public Policy Committee on geoscience initiatives, including developing society-wide position statements on national issues.

Fellow activities include:
We are not currently accepting applications.