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GSA is not responsible for content on web sites linked from our site. However, please contact us if you encounter broken links.

Florida's Springs: Protecting Nature's Gems - is an in-depth photo-documentary exploration of Florida's springs and aquifers. It includes lesson plans for all grade levels, a great interactive on the hydrologic cycle, and an online photographic expedition exploring deep into the aquifer in order to follow the journey of water (along with some Florida tourism plugs). Presented by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection with the input of the Florida Geological Survey.
GM K-12 Education Initiatives - has a collection of environmental Web sites
Multihazard Mapping Initiative - from the Federal emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Opens with a clickable map of U.S. states, where you can zoom in to the county level to view hazard maps relating to earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and more. Audience: Middle School and Up.
New USGS Publication on North America Glaciers - Glaciers of North America (USGS Professional Paper 1386-J) is the newest of the 11-volume Satellite Image Atlas of Glaciers of the World series. It is a review of historical and ongoing changes in the glaciers of Canada, United States, and Mexico, with reference to the Landsat image baseline years. Long-term monitoring of fluctuations of glaciers provides an important indicator of changes in regional and global climates. Additional information about the USGS Glacier Project and other volumes in the series is available. You might look at the other glacier atlases available.
OCEAN EXPLORER, NOAA - Great lessons with labs and activities on ocean science available at this NOAA site. They also offer workshops around the country. Also videos, gallery of pictures.
Processes of River Erosion, Transport, and Deposition – Animations and visualizations from Carleton College.
River Processes - Site with animated river processes posted by Wycombe High School.
SEA LEVEL: Frequently asked questions and answers - Find answers to such questions as `What is Mean Sea Level?`, `Why is the sea level higher off the coast of Bermuda than New York?
U.N. Atlas of the Oceans - from the UN, this comprehensive, well organized site about oceans is divided into four main sections.
United States Geological Survey -
USGS water resources site - Here you can monitor every drop of water in our nation! Lots of information, maybe too much, but check out the 'real time' map of water in the U.S. - show where there is drought and where there is plenty.
The education link under "Publications and Products" gets you to additional USGS water links for kids, K-12, including lesson plans for teachers (click on "USGS Learning Web").
Water Education Poster series - offers 6 colorful, educational, and fun posters on the following topics: Wetlands, Water Use, Wastewater, Navigation, Ground Water, Water Quality Each poster is available in two versions, one for elementary students and one for middle-school students. Information is available at this web site: /
This outreach activity is part of the larger USGS Learning Web, which can be found at this web site:
Water Cycle - USGS has just updated its water cycle website. Contains text and a diagram that comes in many languages and without the key words so students can fill in the blanks.
World Water Monitoring Day - To help facilitate your planning, WWMD has expanded the "Resources" section of this Web site to contain a variety of materials designed to make your event a success. - from the UN, this comprehensive, well organized site about oceans is divided into four main sections.


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