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Plate Tectonics

Lesson Plans

Mid-ocean Ridge Spreading Demonstration Model - This student activity allows students to create their own model, using foam board and a shoebox, of the mid-ocean ridge in order to help them understand sea-floor spreading.

Sea-Floor Spreading Made Easy - (6-12) - During a unit on plate tectonics, use this activity to demonstrate how sea-floor spreading works and the evidence for it, which therefore reinforces the evidence for the plate tectonics theory.

Real Evidence of a Subducting Plate - (9-12) - Hands-on approach to examining real earthquake evidence of the South American subduction zone where the Nazca Plate and the South American Plate are colliding. With this activity you can see how geologists came up with the idea of a subducting slab.

Towel Geology - (K-12) - Demonstrate a wide range of geologic principles and processes using GeoArt, an artistic approach to promote critical thinking about geology and geologic processes.


Lesson Plan Links

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A Model of Sea-Floor Spreading - Paper model of sea-floor spreading showing the evolution of oceanic crust through sea-floor spreading and subduction:
ArcLesson on Plate Tectonics - Using the This Dynamic Planet interactive web-based GIS, students investigate plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes, and impact craters. This lesson provides an introduction to thinking spatially and makes an excellent bridge to further investigations using desktop GIS software. Need a Web browser to use.
Plate Tectonic Rates and Fingernail Growth - They say that plates move at about the rate of your fingernail growth. Is that true?  Visit this site to see.


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