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Rocks & Minerals

Lesson Plans

Sugar Cube Karst – Here’s a very simple (and fairly simplistic) model of karst formations for younger kids. The purpose of this activity is to explore the way water moves through a porous, soluble substance and to observe the development of pits and channels as the substance dissolves in water.

Rock Cycle Lab - A fun, hand-on rock cycle lab using very basic materials to help students understand the processes that form rocks.


Lesson Plan Links

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A Paste with a Taste - Mining-oriented activity, kids make their own toothpaste!
Rock Hounds Lesson Plan - By using the resources on this web-based activity, students will gain an understanding of the rock cycle including how sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks form. Need Internet access, a web browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer, e-mail access and materials that are listed under the activity collections.
Women in Mining - This Web site contains mineral resources for teachers, activities, games, and other links.


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