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Invitation to participate in Policycomnet

The Geology and Society Division's
Online Geoscience and Public Policy Networking Site
Policycomnet Purpose
Do you have regional public policy issues?

Join GSA Policycomnet,
a new online geoscience-based networking tool to assist GSA members in planning communications with public policy officials on pending regional, state, and local decisions.

The Division created “Policycomnet” to encourage and facilitate more geoscientist communications with policy makers, particularly at the local and state levels.

Policycomnet is an online policy networking opportunity for GSA members who can post ideas and concerns about pending policy decisions and invite their colleagues to examine concerns. The purpose is to begin a dialog with other geoscientists to formulate plans for coordinated communications with lay policy makers, sharing relevant portions of their professional backgrounds in order to help these decision-makers develop policies that can better achieve their intended purposes.

When you visit the Policycomnet "Welcome Page" you can navigate using the left-hand panel to the appropriate GSA Section page on which you can place a posting and seek the advice from other geoscientists for developing a communications strategy for scientific communication needs. Once strategies for communication are developed at the site, outreach messages are sent to recipients using other media tools. You can also strategize public outreach and gather volunteers to for such efforts as local or regional Speakers Bureaus to meet with community groups. Policycomnet is not an ideological blog site, a social networking site, a place to endorse specific candidates for public office, etc. We need to be aware of potential abuses of the site and develop means of coping with them.

Make a Difference!

Visit the Policycomnet online networking site by clicking on the icon above. Help make a difference in public and policy-maker understanding of the usefulness of geosciences in service to humankind.