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Geology and Society Division

Vote on the new Division logo

As part of a GSA initiative, the Geology & Society Division is creating a division logo. This process has been going on for a year, and the management board has received much valuable input on how we should represent G&S Division’s mission within the context of GSA stylistic directives. We have spent the past few months narrowing down design options and worked with GSA’s graphic artists to come up with some candidate designs to vote on during the annual meeting. The final versions will be posted at the G&S Division booth in the Charlotte convention center, and all division members will be able to vote on their preferred design. The winner was selected at our business meeting, after the Distinguished Lecture (Tuesday, 6 Nov. 6:45 PM, CCC 208B).

We are still working with GSA to finalize the designs, and are working on the three concepts shown below. The next iteration will, (i) include more diversity into the people surrounding the Earth in logo #2, (ii) include stylized mid-ocean ridges into the renderings of the Earth, and (iii) balance the scale in logo #3. We will then evaluate how different layout styles look and come up with a final set to vote on. If you have any ideas on how these could be further improved, then please drop by the booth and share your thoughts. You may also vote for your favorite at the booth, and/or have a colleague register a proxy vote if you are unable to attend the annual meeting.

logo 1 logo 2 logo 3