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Understanding Open-Vent Volcanism and Related Hazards

Editors: William I. Rose, Jose Luis Palma, Hugo Delgado Granados, and Nick Varley

"In my opinion, the best contribution of this Special Paper is the spectrum of methods presented that are available when studying active (open-vent) volcanoes and their application to hazard assessments. It might be a worthwhile resource for students pursuing a career focussed on volcanic monitoring and volcanic hazards and for volcanologists dealing with reawakening volcanoes and hazard prevention."

—Rafael Torres-Orozco, Bulletin of Volcanology

Volcanic hazards work in developing countries is evolving and is increasingly done by scientists and engineers in home countries. At the same time, scientists in the developed world, where volcanic hazards may not be as immediate, are eager to participate in collaborative efforts, especially to highlight new tools. The lure of working at sites where there is diverse volcanic activity is strong, and collaborative science provides support for infrastructure development in home countries. Experience participating in international collaborative work during real volcanic crises is especially valuable to young scientists engaged in graduate and postdoctoral studies. This volume is the third GSA Special Paper this decade to focus on Central American volcanic hazards, and these chapters demonstrate continued maturation of international hazards work.
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December 03, 2013
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230 (8.5" x 11")
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