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The Volcanic Geology of the Mid-Arc Island of Dominica

Full Title: The Volcanic Geology of the Mid-Arc Island of Dominica, Lesser Antilles—The Surface Expression of an Island-Arc Batholith
Authors: A.L. Smith, M.J. Roobol, G.S. Mattioli, J.E. Fryxell, G.E. Daly, and L.A. Fernandez
Dominica shows unique characteristics not seen on other islands in the Lesser Antilles island arc or on many island arcs worldwide. These unique features include the eruption of rocks, since the upper Pleistocene, of a very restricted compositional range from multiple centers throughout the island, as well as the occurrence of present-day island-wide seismic and geothermal activity. This volume presents the results of geological mapping, detailed stratigraphy, petrography/mineral chemistry, and geochemistry that have allowed the authors to develop a model to explain these features. The model, which traces the development of the island since the upper Miocene, suggests that during the Pleistocene, partial melting of the island-arc crust eventually generated a single magma body of batholithic proportions beneath the island. The distinctive phenomena from Dominica are therefore thought to reflect the volcanic and related responses associated with the formation and development of this unexposed batholith.

Note: Dominica was one of the filming locations for Pirates of the Caribbean II and III.
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October 11, 2013
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