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Geological Criteria for Evaluating Seismicity Revisited

Full Title: Geological Criteria for Evaluating Seismicity Revisited: Forty Years of Paleoseismic Investigations and the Natural Record of Past Earthquakes
Editors: Franck A. Audemard M., Alessandro Maria Michetti, and James P. McCalpin
Many of the 10 chapters in this volume deal with conventional paleoseismology by trenching, covering the entire spectrum of tectonic environments (strike-slip, normal, and thrust faults). Special Paper 479 also contains two overview papers. The first one, which is the book’s introduction, explores and explains how the seismic history of a given active fault can be discovered by geologic means (using direct or indirect indicators) for a particular tectonic setting. The second one describes and discusses how to approach lakes and their sedimentary record for paleoseismic purposes. Additionally, one chapter addresses paleoseismology of slide-dammed lakes. Last but not least, the final chapter analyzes paleoseismic data from the perspective of seismic hazard assessment.
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July 25, 2011
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