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The Challenges of Dam Removal and River Restoration

Editors: Jerome V. De Graff and James E. Evans
Reviews in Engineering Geology, volume 21

River restoration is a societal goal in the United States. This collection of 14 research papers focuses on our current understanding of the impacts of removing dams and the role of dam removal in the larger context of river restoration. The chapters are grouped by topic: (1) assessment of existing dams, strategies to determine impounded legacy sediments, and evaluating whether or not to remove the dams; (2) case studies of the hydrologic, sediment, and ecosystem impacts of recent dam removals; (3) assessment of river restoration by modifying flows or removing dams; and (4) the concept of river restoration in the context of historic changes in river systems.
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February 25, 2013
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Product Categories: F. Reviews in Engineering Geology
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