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Tectonics of the Southeastern Tibetan Plateau...

Full Title: Tectonics of the Southeastern Tibetan Plateau and Its Adjacent Foreland
Authors: B. Clark Burchfiel and Chen Zhiliang
This volume provides a summary of the geology of eastern and southeastern Tibet and its foreland. It covers an area of approximately 1.5 million km2 in 15 chapters on tectonic units that the authors recognized during 25 years of both field and laboratory study. Each chapter discusses the authors' understanding of the geology and offers interpretations of special geological relations, both local and regional, as well as currently unresolved problems of which there are many in this vast and poorly known region. The final chapter provides a summary and interpretation of the preceding chapters. Memoir 210 is accompanied by a DVD containing four plates: two tectonostratigraphic maps, a map of unconformities and a plate of cross sections, in both Illustrator and ArcGIS formats. All of the plates are digitized and fully layered, so the reader can manipulate them as desired.

Dr. Burchfiel received the 2013 GSA International Section Distinguished Career Award.

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January 10, 2013
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231 plus DVD
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