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Strata and Fossils of Texas

Full Title: Late Cretaceous to Quaternary Strata and Fossils of Texas: Field Excursions Celebrating 125 Years of GSA and Texas Geology, GSA South-Central Section Meeting, Austin, Texas, April 2013
Editors: Brian B. Hunt and Elizabeth J. Catlos
This volume, prepared in conjunction with the 47th Annual Meeting of the GSA South-Central Section, contains four guides that focus on sedimentology and paleontology in Texas. A theme of exploration threads its way through the trips, all of which can trace their roots to the work of early geologic explorers. One trip retraces part of the 1889 Dumble survey that explored the geology along the Colorado River between Austin and La Grange, Texas, while another takes readers to an internationally famous Quaternary vertebrate paleontology site, studied since the beginning of the twentieth century, inside Friesenhahn Cave in the central Texas Hill Country. Another guide visits Paleocene- to Eocene-age sediments derived from the Rocky Mountains and transported via rivers to the Houston Embayment, building out the continental shelf, while a fourth explores Late Cretaceous Gulf Series strata in the Dallas area.
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March 14, 2013
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Product Categories: D. Field Guides
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