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From the Blue Ridge to the Coastal Plain

Full Title: From the Blue Ridge to the Coastal Plain: Field Excursions in the Southeastern United States
Editors: Martha Cary Eppes and Mervin J. Bartholomew
Prepared in conjunction with the 2012 GSA Annual Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina, this collection of 11 papers highlights geology from the Holocene to the Precambrian with excursions along Carolina coasts, piedmont streams and floodplains, Blue Ridge highlands, the New Madrid fault system, and more. With this guide, you can peruse through Triassic basin, Appalachian, and passive margin geology; dig up the latest on East Coast fossils; and investigate evidence of nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first century seismicity. Everything from old-fashioned compasses and shovels to state-of-the-art cosmogenic isotope and thermochronology techniques were employed to collect the new data presented in these guides.
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October 26, 2012
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Product Categories: D. Field Guides
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